New BACnet IP compact controller

EOS AG kicked off the new year with the launch of its new controller, the OPEN 600 EMS basic24. This controller is especially designed for small HVAC systems and features 24 integrated digital and analog inputs and outputs.
Thanks to the BACnet IP communication, the controller can be easily integrated into existing buildings or properties as well as in the operations of stand-alone systems. The operational safety of the systems is ensured via remote access and remote monitoring by the integrated graphic web server in full HD quality.
The OPEN 600 EMS basic24 is specifically designed for small HVAC applications, such as ventilation systems with heating and cooling functions or 4 controlled heating circuits. The controller can also be used as usual for other heating, ventilation, climate control, individual and multiple room control applications.
Graphic operation
The integrated OPENview web server, which is provided in the delivery, allows you to operate the systems using graphics. The OPENviewHTML5-based technology lets you use any browser and also provides you with mobile access to the OPENview app.
The free programming of the OPEN 600 EMS basic24 gives you maximum flexibility in your projects. At the same time, the access to the macro library enables you to use the fast and cost-saving engineering tools of DEOS AG.
More product features in detail:
  • Two port switch: easy and cost-effective cabling (daisy chain) as well as continuous service with an integrated switch function
  • BACnet protocol according to the ANSI/ASHRAE standard
  • Up to 250 BACnet objects
  • Certification by the BACnet Interest Group Europe
  • BTL listed (B-BC profile)
  • AMEV attestation with profile B

29 November 2017

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